A Bust Therapy

Posted on: September 14, 2013 at 10:46 pm

The topic on what is the most sex appeal part of female`s body has already become the classical part of discussion among men. This issue has been analysed and practised many times. Some men are ready vigorously to defend the legs, while others give priority to fanny, and the third group claims that appearance is not important (yes, of course, that’s right!). But all men agree on one thing – that “nothing” can match the charm of a beautiful woman’s breast. Men are just drawn to it like bees to honey, and that is true of all men. It is argued that many people did not know a one important aspect of a female`s breast that besides looking at it is exiting, enjoyable and as the secret goes- useful.

This discovery was made a group of German social scientists who concluded that the above-mentioned process of a woman’s breasts has beneficial effects on men`s health and it results in longer life expectancy for 4-5 years. This is very good news for men. According to their study, the gallant 10-minute observation of beautiful forms is equivalent to half-hour program of physical exercise in the gym. At the same time, the best result is when it is viewed from different angels. The project involved 200 men who every day for 5 years intently studies bosomed beauties. As a result, it showed positive result for men, on other words, blood pressure decreased significantly, pulse became calmer and at times reduced the likelihood of any heart disease. The conclusion a German doctor made: “Sexual arousal improves heart and blood circulation. Of course, viewing a woman’s breasts makes men healthier – it is enough a few minutes a day to reduce the risk of heart attack by half.” In addition, such an extraordinary influence of breasts on men’s health, can tell a lot about a women.

Once, Piero Lorenzoni an Italian sexologist and a Japanese expert on women’s charms Dr. Mitsugi Shiga argued that a woman`s sexuality, character and temperament depends on the shape of her breast. According to this theory, woman can be divided into three categories: Owners of “elite” sizes are optimistic and cheerful. They know what to do and how to behave in the bed, and finally, their creativity is enough for both partners. The only thing that is required form men is full emancipation. Women with an average size enjoy sex as much as possible. But owners of the small size tend to spend more time on the brain activities and think about the infidelities of their partner. You have now been introduced to an interesting founding, what may in turn change your preferences. From now on, you may become very selective in you choice, however, the last decision is behind you! Have a look at our London Escorts gallery, you most likely to find a suitable Escort with a charming breast for your planned day. Your Mademoiselle has got all breast size for you to choose!