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Posted on: September 14, 2013 at 10:44 pm

John has always been coming to London from Leeds to meet up with friends, this time he come here for business meeting. He booked an elegant, five star hotel in Kensington just right in the centre of London, recommended by his friend. He have a business meeting tomorrow morning so he had a whole evening to himself and was thinking about how to spend it. He thought that he is up for something kinky and get arrange a meeting with one of Kensington escorts

He asked Alexandra to come to meet him at the Hotel Bar, so they can have a drink together and get to know each other before they will go naughty.

He come to meet her outside of the hotel. Alexandra arrived dressed beautifully and elegant, as John requested, in a black mini dress, stockings and black stiletto shoes with6 inch heels. She looked stunning, like a real high class escort, no doubt. John immediately caught the scent of her perfume and appreciated her long well-groomed hair. Alexandra was young blonde escort from Eastern Europe, very sexy, slim and petite with large breast.

They walked in to the Hotel Bar and John couldn’t take his stare from her rear and was hoping that the dress, that was swishing around as she walked, would show what she was wearing underneath, but it didn’t. His kinky thoughts start to come to his mind. “Would be great if she is not wearing underwear, that is excite me very much” thought John.

He could wait any longer and he offered Alexandra to come up straight to the room and order drinks directly to the room or take something from the mini bar.

John reveals that she is without underwear, when she bends down to put her bag to the floor. High heels and stocking, that’s how he likes it.

“You are staring at my arse or pussy?” – she said

“Yeah, well part of me for sure” – he smiled.

John offered Alexandra a drink from the mini bar and sat next to her on the chair so he could touch her legs.

“ Would you like to lick my pussy?” said Alexandra

“I do like that” John replied

Alexandra spread her legs and John straight away touched her pussy with the tip of his tongue and start to lick her and fuck her with his tongue, Alexandra took his head in her hands, pulled John up and with a great urgency said,

“Uh-uh, fuck…” It was like sudden realisation that the thing she wanted most in the world had to happen right away and could only be described by grunts and one-word request.

He grabbed a condom and as soon as he had it on, Alexandra pushed John on his back and sank herself down on top of him with a great sign down below.

“Yes…mmm I like your hard cock…mmm” She fucked him with a focused need, “ Cock….mmm fuck.”

She likes to come with a string of orgasms, one building right after the next. The first was a soft convulsion, her curls cascaded around John face and his hand cupped the large, brown nipple of her 32F natural breast and pinched it.

Short pause, then she started riding John again.Harder.

“Behind…oh…mmmmmm fuck “she purred, getting on her knees and wiggling the roundness of her bum in the air. Entering her from behind, John moved slowly, trying to tease her.

John’s orgasm was building and he didn’t want to come just yet. With one wet finger he began to caress the spread pucker of her ass in deliberate, meaningful circles.

Pushing back harder, urging him on, she opened up to the attentions of his finger, enjoying a small shivering orgasm while he fucked her slowly, his finger just pushing gently against the slick, round opening.

“Uh…dildo…mmmm, fuck, yeah…”

Alexandra pulled away and lunged for the toy box in her bag, pulling out a small, flexible vibrator and a lube dispenser. She puts her hands around John neck and kissed him, still holding these things. Then cocking her head in a faux coy manner she held up the vibe and smiled prettily, like she was inviting him to take a large bite out of a garishly yellow on the spreading, tight piece of candy.

“What? What do you want me to do with this?”

“Um, my arse, mmmm?” she nodded, eyes wide, and got back on all fours, wiggling her bum at me in a most appealing manner.

John lube the vibrator thoroughly, enjoying the view of her open like that, the glistening pink of her pussy waiting for his cock to return.

“Oh fuck me please … I want you to fuck me again and again I need your cock inside me”. Alexandra was impatient. John cock slid easily into the wet tightness of her cunt. He began to fuck slowly. Then, when she seemed to start getting a little frustrated, he twisted the knob on the vibe to the lowest setting and placed it against the pouting circle of her ass.

Pushing the toy in slowly, carefully, John enjoyed the vibrating sensation traveling down to the base of his cock. Alexandra was quite, concentrating on the spreading , tightening, pressing sensation filling her with throbbing, vibrating pleasure. The soft vibe was bendy enough to fit up her bump without getting in his way while John fucked her. Once it was in as far as it went, the fat base resting against the stretched rim, John dialled up the intensity of the buzz. Alexandra moaned deeply, burying her face in the cushions and pressing back against John, taking his cock in as far as possible. Her orgasm was building, and John couldn’t hold back much longer with the twitching tightness of her cunt clutching his cock and the vibrations tickling him all along the top.

It was too intense to last.

Suddenly Alexandra reached back with her hand and grasped the base of the vibrator. Firmly, rhythmically she began to fuck herself with it, in time with the thrusting of John hips.

“Harder…fuck fuck…”she growled, letting go of the buzzing toy to allow John to pound into her with the full force of his weight. Her orgasm seemed to last and last, rolling on with moans and whimpers, gripping his cock with an irresistible invitation to let go. Somehow John didn’t want to come , he wanted to hang on the sensation for a little while longer. But he failed. Afterwards, he withdrew very slowly, removing both his cock and the buzzing toy carefully.

A little while later , when recovering , Alexandra sighed. “ When you’re turned on, it’s incredible how difficult it is to just say the simplest things, don’t you think?”

She started to dress and said her goodbyes to John and walked out of the room without the swagger she had shown earlier because she was still trying to get over what had happened in the room.

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