How I became a Lesbian

Posted on: November 20, 2013 at 12:17 pm

Believe it or not, I never thought that I would be a lesbian. I was a girl who always enjoyed admiring men’s bodies and I always bought men’s workout magazines just to admire the well toned bodies in them. You will be surprised to learn that at the age of 23 I was still a virgin. The reason for this is that I had grown up one of those fat girls with braces and my best friend at school and in college was the school nerd. So, I guess you can now understand why I did not lose my virginity while in college or even when I turned 18.

Anyway, putting my depressing past behind, I had decided that I would not turn 24 before losing my virginity. I needed a man to fuck me senseless, or at least insert his penis into my vagina and give me a taste of what it’s like. I had tried throwing myself at a number of male colleagues at work but they seemed to avoid me like the plague. I had visited a couple of pubs in the neighborhood looking to be picked up by any kind of man, but this had failed, as men did not even bother to look at me.

Finally in desperation, I decided to call up one of those London escort agencies and pay for a man to fuck me. For some reason I was very nervous about the phone call but after a half a bottle of Jack Daniels, I finally conjured up the courage to phone one of the agencies and ask for a tall escort. I had always like tall men. I took a long bath as I did not expect the escort for another hour. While in the bathtub, I touched myself imagining the tall stranger inserting his penis into my virginal vagina. I fingered myself and came within seconds as I had perfected the art of reaching climax on my own over the years.

After my bath, there was a knock on the door and I nervously went to answer it. My elite London escort was finally here. I was surprised when I opened the door to find a tall beautiful woman who looked to be of European descent standing there. Her accent confirmed her European origins as I asked her what I could do for her. She told me that she was from the London escort agency and that I had requested a tall escort. I could not believe my ears. Instead of calling a male escort agency, I had inadvertently called a female escort agency and to make matters worse, one that had Eastern European escorts. This was typical of my luck.

The lady asked to come in and I figures since she had already come all this way, she might as well enter, and anyway, I did not think she would leave without her payment. I was devastated at my bad luck and decided I needed a drink. I offered the European escort a drink and she accepted. I sat down and explained myself to her and she was very understanding. In fact, she was so good that she told me I only had to pay her half the amount which would go to the London escort agency. Soon enough the alcohol was getting to my head and I had become very emotional. I told the tall escort about my life as a virgin and the reason why I needed a man to break my virginity. As I spoke I broke into tears, feeling as though my life was not worth living. The escort came and sat next to me and put a hand over my shoulder. She told me that as a young girl she had discovered that men were not the answer to everything, but that great sex was. I told her that I did not understand her, and asked her to explain what she meant. She pulled my face up to face her and said that instead of explaining it to me, she would show me.

Before I knew, I felt her soft, moist lips on mine and her tongue trying to penetrate my mouth. I was in shock and I pulled back immediately. I was about to stand up and move away from her but she urged me to remain where I was and just let her show me what she meant. I was a bit tipsy at the time, so I just gave in and said “what the heck.” I thought to myself, I mean, how much worse could it get?

She started kissing me in the lips and I opened up my mouth to let her. I begun to get this tingling feeling all over my body and soon enough I was covered in goose bumps. I begun to experience something I had never before felt in my life. I could feel my nipples become hard and erect and I could even feel juices flowing inside my vagina.

With one flicker of her hand, the Eastern European escort undid my gown and let it slip to the floor. She did the same with her dress and slowly begun to kiss every part of my body. She kissed my nipples and she kissed my shoulders. She turned me around and kissed my back making me feel this ticklish yet erotic feeling. She then went lower and kissed my buttocks. She spread my butt cheeks and kissed my anus. At this point I was already shaking in ecstasy. She then kissed the back of my legs and turned me around before kissing my pubis region.

By now I was so wet that I was literally dripping from my vagina. She then placed her mouth on my vagina and begun licking me vigorously. Within seconds I had cum so hard that I fell back on the couch. I had never experienced such a feeling in my life. I had never cum this hard before. My legs were shaking as she stood up and walked to her handbag. When I saw the tall London escort produce a long dildo from her handbag, I knew my life would never be the same again. I am now a fully fledged lesbian, who to this day, has never had a live penis penetrate her vagina.