London Escorts will impress you in the bedroom

Posted on: September 14, 2013 at 10:49 pm

All women from all over the word have different tips how to seduce and impress lover in the bedroom.

The Chinese scribes believed sexual energy(ching) flooded the body with positive vital energy( ch’i). Women were thought to have an unlimited supply of yin energy, while men had only a limited supply of yang energy. (“It’s so true!” one of our Asian London Escorts said, “We can continue to reach dizzying heights all night long”.

Men were not allowed to use up their yang essence without replacing it with yin essence. To do this, they had to delay ejaculation, making sure a woman had several orgasms first, thereby absorbing her was in danger of falling ill or dying. Full marks to the nymphet who thought that one up.

In the Tao dynasty, men and women believed they exchanged ching (sexual energy) during sex. New lovers were said to be full of ching energy. So the more lovers you had, the more energy you stored up. Orgies all round!!!

One of our Indian Escorts say about Kama Sutra, that this is Joy of Sex. Actually, kama means sensual or sexual pleasure and sutra are the fundamentals of yoga, so Kama Sutra is more of keep-fit spiritual sex guide. Famously Kama Sutra describes every imaginable sexual position, from the “ Milk and Water Embrace” to the “Lotus”(good for hitting G spot), along with advice on smacking, moaning and oral sex.

There is a lots of surprising stuff about kissing too. A “demonstrative kiss” is when a man kisses a woman’s finger and her toe at the same time, for instance- as opposed to snogging her in front of all his mates from football. The female equivalent is when she kisses his thigh while washing his body-rather than tonguing him in front of his mother.

Japanese tease from London Asian Escort

Tie me up, tie me down , tie my bottom up! Kinbaku, which mean “beautiful bondage”, is the Japanese art of tying up your bottom and others parts of the body in a visually aesthetic way. Evolved from Samurai military restraint technique called Hojojutsu, it dates back to the 17th century Edo period and is a precise art form using seven metres of hemp, jute or linen. The pressure of the ropes is particularly pleasurable when it squeezes the buttocks, breasts or genitals, apparently.

Far gentler than Western bondage, Kinbaku is taught by sensei all over the world, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a teacher. Would you like to take a chance to meet with one of our Oriental Escorts ?

Europe’s sexual history

Today the prevailing view of the gap is that men have a restless urge to sleep with as many glamour models as they can like our London Escorts ,while women want to settle down and be monogamous. But it was quite the reverse in the middle ages, when women were thought to be much more lustful than men, often insatiable. The model was probably good old Eve, who couldn’t resist a fat bit of serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Women were carnal and men were rational, according to passages in Giovanni Boccaccio’s famous 1350s collection of stories The Decameron: “Whereas a single cock will serve for ten hens, ten men will struggle to satisfy ten women.” But was this just an excuse to encase women in chastity belts and lock them in a tower while the men went off to fight in the Crsades?