My Best Friend’s Stag

Posted on: November 20, 2013 at 12:22 pm

 It was one week later and I still could not get my mind off the stag we had held for Peter. My wife kept asking me why I looked so distant lately and I could not explain myself. I just couldn’t get my mind off that previous Sunday. After lazing around on the couch for most of the day, I told my wife I was going out to the pub for a pint. I left the house and headed out to the suburbs straight to the house I had been to before. Of course I was not surprised to see most of my mates’ cars in the yard. Even they could not resist coming back to this house of ill repute. As I parked the car, I reminisced about the events leading to Paul’s stag party……………

Paul was getting married in a few days time and the boys and I had decided that we would throw him the best stag ever witnessed in downtown London. The rest of the guys and me were already married so you can say that this stag was really for us, because we had been on lockdown for so long that we felt we needed a break. What better excuse than to hold a stag for one of our mates? We met at the local pub and decided to invite Paul too. There was no need for a surprise when he knew we would definitely do it. Over many drinks we decided to throw the biggest and best stag in the neighborhood. We thought of hiring strippers, but it was my idea to hire more exciting entertainment. We decided to get ourselves elite London escorts. This was after all the last mate in our crew to get married, so we considered this our last stag party. We agreed that cost would not be an issue. We then sat back to discuss the ladies we would invite.

James wanted busty London escorts while Tim was more into lesbian escorts. Hakim said that we definitely had to have European escorts. The list went on from skinny escorts for Kelvin to mega busty London escorts for Steve. As the list got longer we decided to look for a London elite escort agency that could handle all our demands. One that had it all. We settled on a London escort agency that claimed to have all the types of girls we were looking for and would charge us one lump sum amount. They even suggested that we hold the stag at a venue of their choice. We readily agreed as we did not have a location to hold the stag in.

Come Sunday afternoon and we had all gathered at the local pub, which was the rendezvous point. None of us knew the location of the party but we were to wait here and be received by the Madame of the elite escort agency. We sat at a table all excited as we started to get drunk. We had all decided that we would take Monday off from work so as to have a night we shall never forget.

Within no time, a tall ebony skinned lady who looked to be in her early forties walked into the bar and came directly to our table. She asked us if we were ready and if so, we should follow her car. We all got into our cars and followed her towards the suburbs. Before long we were at a large mansion with a swimming pool and maybe 8 rooms. It was grand, and we did feel that we were getting our £3000 worth of stag investment.

We were escorted to the pool area where we found a half naked girl behind the bar counter ready to serve us drinks. This took us by surprise, but we ordered our drinks as we ogled her buxom breasts. Soon enough the Madame as ked us if we were ready for some fun and when we responded in the positive, she rung a little bell and a bevy of naked girls came out of the house. There must have been about 30 girls all skimpily dresses in sexy lingerie or bikini suits. Some were even as naked as the day they were born.

As I stared I noticed that the Madame had catered for everyone’s needs. There were busty escorts, slim escorts, mega busty escorts, European escorts and there were even a couple of teen escorts. This was even better than we had ever envisioned. The girls came and joined us at the bar and we proceeded to get them drinks. Everyone one of us partnered with a girl or two of his choice and soon enough the party had begun.

It was Steve who first got into the pool with 2 of his mega busty escorts and without hesitation, begun to have sex right there in the pool with both of them. Some of us were shocked but not as shocked as we were to see Tim banging a lesbian chick in the ass as she licked another girl. This was happening right near us on one of the pool chairs. We all soon got the idea and within no time, it was a fully fledged pool side orgy. Everyone was banging away without a care in the world. I had secured myself two Eastern European escorts who were open to anything I suggested. At that point they were both in the doggy position next to each other as I took turns taking one after the other from behind.

We fucked till we could fuck no more and drunk as much alcohol as we could consume. We then lit the barbecue grill and lay out some ribs on the open fire as we sat around with our escorts and chatted the night away. Suffice it to say, we did not want to leave the stag house, but we all had homes and families to get back to. All in all, it was the best damn stag any of us had ever attended.