Memoirs of an Escort Addiction

Posted on: November 20, 2013 at 12:19 pm

Hi, my name is Jimmy and I am an addict. Actually, I am an escort addict. You may be asking yourself what an escort addict is. Well, let me tell you. This is a person addicted to hiring escorts, be they female or male to satisfy their needs, either sexual or otherwise. I have been an escort addict for 5 years now and it all begun when I moved to London on an office exchange program.

I had relocated to London for one year through our company exchange program and I was staying at the company’s furnished flat. I missed my friends back home and my co-workers in London were all married, boring people. Apparently the only single person had taken my place in America. Anyway, I had been in London for 3 months now and I hadn’t been out on a decent date yet. Of course I hired the occasional slut off the street to satisfy my needs but I yearned for companionship. I needed someone to talk to and even have dinner with. I decided to go online and check out those dating websites. After an hour of browsing, I figured blind dates were not the thing for me and I decided to check out the escort websites. I came across a London escort agency that advertised Eastern European escorts. I had always wanted to date a foreigner and so I set up a date. We were to have dinner the following evening.


After work the next day I went to my apartment, freshened up and proceeded to go for my date. We met at a nice restaurant I knew not far from my place and I was very impressed at the lady the London escort service had sent me. She was a tall escort who was dressed in a sexy yet conservative manner and her beauty was stunning. All eyes at the restaurant turned to stare when she walked in and I was very proud of myself at that moment. Even the women were staring at her, maybe experiencing their first lesbian fantasy as they watched her. She joined me at my table and introduced herself as Sasha. She was from Russia and had a slight but very sexy accent. Her top was low cut and I must say, this was one hell of a busty escort. We ordered and I was impressed at her appetite. I have always admired women who love to eat. After dinner we left the restaurant and I suggested we go to a pub and have a few drinks. She was easy to talk to and I really enjoyed her stories about Russia. We enjoyed a couple of hours together before I asked her if she’d like to join for another drink at my place. She complied and we went to my apartment. As soon as got into the door, she turned and said “Jimmy, would you like to fuck me?” This, she said in a Russian accent so you can imagine how it sounded. I nodded my head eagerly. She then asked me to sit down and she knelt down before me and pulled out my cock.

She sucked me hard as she looked up into my eyes and just when I thought I was going to come, she stopped. She said, “no, no ,no Jimmy, not yet. You must fuck me.” Again this was said in a Russian accent that really turned me on. She stood up and turned around. She then pulled the strap on her shoulder and her dress fell to the ground. She was totally naked underneath. This voluptuous London escort had the body of a goddess. She slowly backed up towards me and inserted my penis into her vagina from behind. She placed her hands on my shoulders and begun to ride me like she would a wild horse. It was amazing. Again, just when I was about to come she got off me and got onto the ground on all fours. She turned and said “Jimmy, you must fuck me in the ass.” That Russian accent made me want to come right there and then. I knelt down behind her and started banging away at her tight ass. She was moaning and groaning and calling out my name. I was sure the neighbours could hear us but I was past the point of caring. We both came together and collapsed in a heap, all covered in pleasure. This was the best night I’d had in London. I bade Sasha farewell and asked if I could see her the next day. She told me to call the agency and make an appointment.


 The next day I called the escort agency hoping to set a date with Sasha but I was informed that she was unavailable that night. I was about to hung up the phone when the operator suggested I try out one of the ebony escorts. I thought about it for a while and decided why not? I mean, the last ebony girl I had dated had been 15 and all I had gotten was a peck in the lips. This was way back in high school.

I met up with Anita at the same restaurant I’d met with Sasha the previous day. This ebony escort was a stunner. She had a body to die for. She had a big bust and an ass and hips that made Kim Kardashian look like a teenage boy. She wore a tight dress with a slit that seemed to go on forever. She joined me at my table and introduced herself as Anita. I was really impressed. To cut a long story short, I rode that ass all night and for three consecutive nights after that. Best booty I ever had in my life.

I have been in London for 5 years now having refused to go back home from my exchange program Luckily, my company agreed to relocate me permanently to London and I have since dated and fucked a total of 786 London escorts from various London escort agencies. Lucky for me I do not have a family to support. I guess the escorts are in some way my family. This is my story.