London Escorts as a Remedy

Posted on: September 14, 2013 at 10:54 pm

Bella arrived one again. “Well, it is very nice to see you again replied Bella to Carlos” Without a hesitation he whispered few words “ I love seeing you next to me and do crazy things together”.” It was a buoyant night last time, remember? “Oh Yes, indeed Bella closed the door and entered my apartment wearing a short white-blue dress that you could see her chic red underwear. My eyes concentrated only on her tall body with emphasized big tits. I did not sleep, it was all reality! I offered her a glass of wine from Bordeaux as an relaxed overture before a stunning nigh with Bella. The atmoshepre was already warm and more than romantic as her eyes were burning and she was sweating because I could see it as I was very close to hear and could feel her slow breath. The air was cool and lacked some warmness. It was soon delivered. We had long conversations as usual on different issues. After we finished our drinks we headed to my room with a big bed like kings of France had. It was coming to happen.

Bella closed the door and turned her body to me. I was amazed how passionately she did it. She started to take her dress slowly-slowly just to increase my libido. While she was taking the dress off, she whispered “let`s do it again and better like it is the last time!!” She jumped on me and we laid down on the bed together. I was taking her red bra fast to feel her third size bust and kiss it non-stop. She stood and took her panties off and was completely naked and ready and burning. She bent down and touched her already wet pussy and shouted “go in my evil teacher”. Without thinking about work and other routine tasks I penetrated her and she became wild and active so that she was mastering our sex trip. We tried many positions and it was enough neither for me nor for her. I never saw Bella so dedicated to sex and sex fantasies. She is definitely a sex guru among her colleagues.

We kissed each other many times and said many warm words to each other. The atmosphere was burnt and we no longer felt cool air that was coming from a windy winter outside. We felt all parts of our body and wanted more and more. I did not feel pain, besides I was full of energy continuing to penetrate her. Indeed, she was asking for more and I could not forbid it to do. We spend long minutes and hours doing sex in the bed. I was the happiest person on earth and I am when Bella comes to me. I like touching her kempt and pretty ass and she also likes when I slap it as she gets wilder, unpredictable and uncontrollable, but I like it the most in sex with her. It came to an end. She took a shower and kissed me after. Bella dressed on her attractive red underwear and said she will come again, I only need to call. Cannot imagine my after work days without Your Mademoiselle Elite Escort Agency. I love calling them, and they always know what I want from them. Bella is one of them, among the best London Escorts!