The Jimmy Files – Pt. 1

Posted on: November 20, 2013 at 12:30 pm

 Sasha and Anita were my entrée into the London escort world. Little did I know, but I was in for the ride of a lifetime. The next few years of my life would be something straight out of a novel. In fact, when I compared this with my previous life before I moved to London, I could actually be living a dream. Well, as long as the dream did not end, I was comfortable with it.

It had been a week since I had dated Sasha and the reason I had not dated any other elite escorts is because it was that time of the month and I was broke. I had come to realize that this was a slightly expensive pastime. Anyway, it was a week to payday and I had already written out my budget, factoring in two dates from the escort agency and hoping that would carry me to the end of the next month. There was only one problem though. I had come across a couple of ads on the escort agency’s website advertising lesbian escorts and duo escorts. This, I had to try out and knew it would cost me double if not more. Anyway, I decided I would make up my mind when the time came.

As I relaxed at my apartment wishing I had the money to call up a tall escort or an ebony escort, I received a call from back home informing me that my uncle had passed on. I came from a small family and my uncle was my last surviving relative. We were close and so I felt bad about his passing. I travelled back home and held a simple funeral for him as per his wishes. A few of his friends attended and all went well. After the funeral a well dressed man in his fifties walked up to me and introduced himself as my late uncle’s lawyer. He informed me that my uncle had left everything he owned to me and that we should meet up at his office the next day. Now, my uncle was not a wealthy man. He had lived a relatively simple life and I did not expect much from his will. Though I figured his house could fetch some money if the entire mortgage had been paid off. Otherwise I would be inheriting debt.

I was welcomed to the lawyer’s office by a tall blonde beauty with legs from here to high heaven. She would make a lovely London escort, I thought to myself. Anyway, the lawyer came into the boardroom and told me how lucky I was to have inherited my uncle’s fortune. I could not believe my ears, but my uncle was actually worth $2 million in cash and owned three apartments in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. This was unbelievable. The lawyer went on to explain that at the age of 20, my uncle had bought some shares in a company called Hathaway something, or something Hathaway, I can’t quite remember, but apparently those shares were worth a whole lot now. My uncle’s annual dividends at the time of his death had been in the range of $500,000 per annum. I did a quick calculation in my head and this was approximately 42,000 dollars per month. My life had just changed. I was a rich man.

Later that day I called up my friends for a celebration but they were all busy with work or their families. This only left me with one other option; I would call up a couple of escorts. My inheritance was to be transferred to me immediately and so I could afford to spend part of the $5000 I had saved over the past few years. It really did sound like a measly amount when you compared it to my uncle’s wealth. Anyway, I got online and looked up an elite escort agency in Manhattan. I told them I would like duo escorts and gave them my hotel name and room number. At the hotel I ordered up a couple of bottles of champagne and their best top shelf whisky. I was going all out. I also ordered up some of that raw fish (I forget the name) that rich people eat. It was time to party.

The duo escorts knocked on my door and when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised. They were beautiful ladies. One was a busty escort who looked a bit like Jennifer Lopez and the other was a slightly skinnier version of Penelope Cruz. I was happy with the choice of duet for the night. I welcomed them in and we begun our party. Both girls really enjoyed the champagne, but now when I think about it, they seemed to be offering more of it to me than consuming it themselves. We finished the two bottles of champagne and proceeded to the whisky. I had turned on some music and we danced a lot. Both girls were charming and great company and I kept asking them to do lesbian acts like kiss each other and finger fuck each other. They complied with whatever I asked for and soon the party was getting out of hand. Well, at least for me. I had gotten staggering drunk but the girls seemed quite in control of their senses. I sat on the couch with the whisky bottle in hand as I watched them get naked and begin to rub the yoghurt we’d ordered earlier all over their bodies. They then began to rub their pussies together, all covered in lotion. This was quite a show and it really turned me on. They held each other and rubbed their slithery bodies together as I sipped on my whisky. They began to lick the yoghurt off each other’s bodies…………..and that is the last thing I recall until I woke up the next morning.

My head was throbbing and it took time for my eyes to adjust to the light. The room was a mess and there was no sign of the girls who’d been there the night before. I turned to the table next to me and noticed my wallet lying there. I checked it and realized that the $3000 I had withdrawn the previous day was all gone. I realized that the time had come for me to pack my things and get back to London and my trustworthy London escorts.