The Jimmy Files – Sandra, Pt. 2

Posted on: November 20, 2013 at 12:33 pm

I was safely back in London and after that incident in Manhattan where I was robbed by two allegedly elite escorts, I was happy to be back home. Yes….I considered this my new and permanent home. We had finalized everything with the lawyer and I was now a rich man. On the flight over I had considered quitting my job but I thought otherwise. I enjoyed my work and anyway what would I do all day if I did not go to work. I decided that I would make some investments that would secure my future and continue to work for my current employer until I got tired of the job or they got tired of me working for them. Since I had been allowed to stay at the company apartment for a small monthly fee, I decided to retain that.

Now that I was back in London, I couldn’t help but think of completing the night that had ended up on a bad note back in Manhattan. I needed a night out with duo escorts to complete that fateful night. I called my trusted London escort agency. Due to my new found wealth, I decided that I needed to get to know this escort agency that would be a partner in my future. I asked to speak to the Madame and after a few questions, they finally complied. I spoke to her briefly and we agreed to meet up at my favorite London watering hole that evening. I went to work that day as I thought about my proposal to the Madame of the London escort agency.

That evening as I sat at my local pub, I wondered what the Madame would be like. I was very surprised when a beautiful 40-something lady walked up to my table and asked if I was Jimmy. When I responded in the affirmative, she sat down and joined. My goodness, the Madame was hot. She was the hottest MILF I’d ever come across. She was conservatively dressed in a blue skirt suit with a slit at the back that rose just a bit higher than normal. She was a brunette with clear blue eyes and a taunting smile that could melt even the hardest of hearts. This was a lady of class and I could see where her elite London escorts got it from. She was truly something to admire. She ordered a martini on the rocks and I asked for another pint. She looked at me inquiringly even as I did the same. Once our drinks arrived, we got down to business.

I told her that I loved the London escorts from her agency and that I was looking for a long term contract with her agency. She said that can be arranged and I explained my terms to her. I would need her to make the choices for me and I would need variety as well as pleasant surprises from her. I wanted to leave my entertainment life all to her. We agreed on a set amount and I accepted to pay her a monthly retainer for her services as well as make an advance payment of £5000, from where they could deduct money for my escort services. She agreed to this and accepted to send me monthly statements for the services rendered. I needed to keep tabs of my extra-curricular expenses because I planned to pay for these from an investment I was making and I wanted to ensure that the investment could pay for it.

After we concluded our meeting, I asked the Madame (whose name I had come to discover was Sandra) to join me for another drink. She complied and we sat there talking about many things. She was an orphan and had grown up moving from one adoptive home to another. At the age of seventeen, she had run away and started life on the streets. A pimp by the name of Sleek had noticed her beauty and taken her in as one of his prostitutes. It was a life she did not want to live but Sleek would not let her go. He said that she had to pay him $2000 (which was a lot of money at the time) for him to release her. I was intrigued by this woman who had survived such an amazing life. She explained to me that at the age of 25 she had met up with a client who took to her and offered to pay off Sleek. She had moved in with him and one year later they had gotten married. Unfortunately, her husband had succumbed one year later to an incurable disease and she had been left to fend for herself. The bank had taken away everything except for her house. She turned to the only trade she knew to survive, and this was prostitution. Only this time she would take it to another level. This time, she would become an elite London escort.

She paid for a website and begun seeing clients for a relatively reasonable fee. She knew how to please men and had many return clients. One day while coming from meeting a client at a hotel, she saw a young 20 year old girl crying just outside the hotel. When she asked the problem was, the girl said that her client had refused to pay her and that her pimp would kill her. It was then that Sandra saw an opportunity to expand her London escort business. She escorted the girl to her pimp and bought her off for $2000. She then invited the girl to come and live with her at her home, where she would teach her all the tricks of the London escort trade and turn her into a successful woman. This was the beginning of a successful business for Sandra, one of the most successful escorts in London.

I was totally astonished at this story. At this point I asked Sandra if she was still an escort herself and she smiled at me and said, “Only to certain special clients.” I asked her, “Can I be one of your special clients tonight?” In that soft sweet voice, she said “yes”.