My Naughty Neighbour

Posted on: November 20, 2013 at 12:24 pm

I had just been accepted to begin my internship at the London Stock Exchange after completing my Undergraduate degree at the illustrious Oxford University. My dream had always been to join the London Stock Exchange and eventually the New York Stock Exchange. I was well on my way to achieving my dream. It was Friday and I was looking for an apartment to move into. I knew that my stay in London would be well over a year so I needed somewhere comfortable to live. My dad had already given me a good allowance for the apartment. He said that a lady must live in a proper digs. After searching the whole day, I finally settled on a two bed roomed apartment on the Upper East Side. This would be ideal in case my parents ever came to visit.

On Saturday I moved my luggage into the apartment and after some grocery shopping I stocked my fridge to the brim. Monday was a public holiday and I planned to spend my weekend indoors cooking my favorite meals and reading a couple of novels I had brought along with me. I prepared my utensils to make my famous (at least to my family) tandoori chicken and mashed potatoes. This took me all of one hour to cook and after I had finished the meal, I lay on my bed reading my novel. I think I had dozed off because I was awoken by a bell ringing. I listened again and realized it was coming from the neighboring apartment. To my surprise it was very clear, and even more surprising was the fact that I could clearly hear my neighbours voice as he answered the door and said, “how can I help you?” A lady answered him, also as clearly, “I am Michelle. I am from the London Escort Agency.” I thought I was dreaming because their voices were so clear it was as though they were in the same room as I was.

I got out of bed to check what was going on as I continued to listen to their conversation. I almost collapsed when I saw images on the large mirror in the wall. There were people inside the mirror. They were the same people I could hear talking. It seemed like my wall mirror was a see though mirror with cameras located in the neighbor’s apartment. All this I deduced from my avid reading of spy novels. But how was this possible?

Before I could ask myself more questions, my neighbor who was a handsome muscular guy, reached out to the busty London escort and unzipped her dress. This was getting out of hand. I had to go and inform them of what I was seeing. They begun to caress each other and I stood there in awe watching their every movement. Here I was, like a pervert, watching two adults having sex. Soon enough the young man had pulled out his large penis and the tall escort had inserted it whole into her mouth. She sucked him vigorously as he tagged at her perky breasts. I stood there watching in awe not realizing that my own nipples had gotten hard and erect. The man then turned the lady around and pushed her against the wall. He then took her from behind as I saw and heard them moan in pleasure.

Without knowing it, my hand had found its way to my vaginal area and I was touching myself while letting out small silent moans of pleasure. The man kept thrusting harder and harder and I kept shoving my finger into my vagina. I was now moaning in pleasure as well and it was a though I was the tall escort in the other room. Amazingly we all came simultaneously and they collapsed to the ground as I lay back thinking to myself how crazy this must be. I watched as my neighbor paid the elite London escort and she left.

I had enjoyed the exciting live show and I decided that there was no need to tell the neighbor about the whole scene. I felt famished after that experience and I went into the kitchen to cook up a storm. Later that night as I lay reading my book in bed, I heard the doorbell at the neighbor’s house again and I took up my position at the mirror. I saw him answer the door and this time, there stood two ladies who were dressed to kill. They said that they were from the elite London escorts agency and asked if he was the one who had requested the lesbian escorts. He nodded his head and let them in.

I pulled a couch into the room and set it in front of the mirror. This had to be watched in comfort, I decided. The young man seemed to have the same idea as I did because he sat down on his couch and told the busty lesbian escorts to go ahead. The girls begun to kiss and fondle each other slowly as the man watched. He then took out his large penis and begun fondling it. As if on cue, I too slipped my hand underneath my nightie and begun touching myself. The London escorts were quite good at their job because soon enough they were in a 69 position and had themselves Cuming all over each other’s faces.  I, on the other hand was just about to climax when something strange happened. The neighbor stood up from the couch where he sat and walked straight towards the mirror. I could not believe it but he was looking directly at me.

When he got right next to the mirror, he spoke and said, “Hallo neighbor, would you like to join us?” I was dumbfounded and in shock. The bloody thing was a two-way mirror and all along he knew I had been watching. My goodness, he had watched me touch myself. I was pink with embarrassment and I did not know what to do. I looked at the busty London escorts; I looked at his large erect manhood and made up my mind. I quickly crossed over to the neighbor’s house. If you were in my position, what would you have done?