The Sanderson Hotel

Posted on: November 30, 2013 at 4:02 pm

The Sanderson Hotel: This hotel is one of the most enlightened hotels in terms of modernity and design in London. The hotel was reincarnated by a famous French born interior designer Philippe Starck. His extravagant and futuristic face-lift has been perfectly integrated into hotel`s interior. The design combines personification of humanism that can be seen on many stocks and stones. The hotel is located at Oxford Street`s north direction. It is important to point out that, Your Mademoiselle`s young brown Eastern European escort Jasmine will be with you within minutes as she lives at Marble Arch. Or if you prefer an Asian type young escort like Flora, or Elina will be the best choice for you to spend your time in the hotel with. Moreover, the hotel gives you an opportunity entering an outer-space world of fantasy and emancipation from outside world. There is a great deal of irony and smartness you can enjoy and remember. As for the style of the hotel, you can notice there Salvador Dali`s reflection for example a red lips sofa.

The hotel offers a unique starting point in exploring the hotel from its bars, restaurant and a billiard room. The purple bar looks like a diamond room as it overflows when drink bottles are taken, it is a sensational place in terms of design and allure. The long bar is a very bright area with a highly creative masterpiece design. Suka restaurant will suit you if you expect something different in service, menu and atmosphere. Mad Hatter`s Tea room is an open terrace with growing beautiful flowers around bringing a more relaxing atmosphere while drinking a nice cup of tea. Moreover, there are Spa and gym facilities that are supplied with a high level of comfort. There is also a possibility in arranging a business or any other meetings. The main feature of this hotel is its design combined with a highly technological innovation integrated in the hotel. As for financial matters, the starting price for a standard room per night is 275 GBP. The maximum price for a penthouse is 2,700.00 GBP per night.

Address: 50 Berners Street, W1T 3NG

Telephone: +44(0)2073001400