Birthday of Gorgeous Girl Mary

Posted on: November 20, 2013 at 12:27 pm

Mary was born an average girl in an average neighborhood, living an average life and born of average parents. Her life was as normal as the next person’s up until she turned 18 years of age. This was the changing point of her life. On her 18th birthday, Mary’s parents threw her an average 18th birthday, but little did she know that this was going to be the turning point of her life. The next few years would be a nightmare for Mary.

She invited all her friends for her party and they had a good time just like any kids would. Her parents were chaperoning the party but still some kids had managed to sneak in some alcohol. Soon enough everyone at the party was having a great time. Kevin, an average boy from Mary’s days in high school was at the party and he kept on following Mary around. Eventually they sat and chatted for some time after realizing that they had a lot in common. At about midnight, most of the people had left the party and Mary’s parents had retired to their room. Kevin was still hanging around Mary and soon enough they were alone in the garage. It was Mary’s idea to go there. She had thought about losing her virginity on her 18th birthday and just needed to choose the person she would lose it to. Kevin would be the lucky one.

Once in the garage, Mary kissed Kevin hard in the mouth and pulled out an old duvet from one of the overhead cabinets. They lay on the ground and Kevin begun to caress and kiss Mary’s breasts. For a 19 year old kid, he really knew his way around a woman’s body. She was shaking with excitement. This was the furthest she had ever gone with a guy. Soon enough he had his hand up her skirt and inside per panties. She was wearing the only thong she owned, one she had bought with her savings for just such an occasion. Kevin stuck one finger into her vagina and she moaned with pleasure. Soon he had inserted a second finger and she was on top of the world. He pulled down her panties as she asked him to continue. He pulled out his hard penis which was quite large for a 19 year old and inserted it into Mary’s vagina. She was in a world of pure pleasure. She had never felt this way before. Kevin thrust harder and harder as she encouraged him and soon enough they were coming all over the duvet. Mary was crying tears of joy. She had never experienced anything like that before. She wanted to do it again but Kevin said she would have to wait. After 15 minutes he was good to go and they went at it again. Immediately they were done she wanted to go again but this time Kevin said it was enough. Mary realized then that she was not satisfied.

This became the story of Mary’s life. She was insatiable in bed. She had slept with countless guys by the time she was 23, but none could satisfy her to the fullest. She needed to fuck at least 6 times a day to feel complete. This made her lose many jobs along the way but she still wouldn’t be satisfied. That is, until she met Madame Chelize, the owner of the exclusive Elite London Escort Agency.

Mary was introduced to Madame Chelize by her landlord whom she had banged for the umpteenth time till he could take it no more. He advised her to go and see her and maybe she could help her with her problem. Either way, she could not afford the rent anymore and he did not want to fuck her anymore. She met the Madame at her place of residence which was also the place she received some of her special guests. Here Mary got to meet some of the girls she would be working with. There were busty London escorts, tall escorts, slim escorts, European escorts, ebony escorts, there were slim escorts, teen escorts, you name it; Madame Chelize had them all.

After a long interview with Madame Chelize, it was decided that she would be the in-house busty tall escort. Her job was to satisfy as many walk in clients as possible. Mary was excited as this is what she had dreamed of for the past five years. She wanted cock, cock and more cock inside her. She wanted two or three cocks in her at the same time if possible. She wanted to be penetrated in her vagina and her anus at the same time. Mary was a sex addict and the only medicine she knew was a dick.

Her first day was relatively good. She managed to satisfy 6 clients before she had to call it a day. This was because it was already 2am and they had to close. Otherwise, she would have gone on all night. The next day she managed to satisfy 8 men but for some reason, she still felt the need to have more sex. This was the same every day for the next 5 weeks. The maximum number of men she could sleep with was 8 men a day and she felt as though the Elite London Escorts Agency was not the place for her. She needed to find another solution. The next day after sleeping with 7 men, she went to see Madame Chelize.

She explained the situation and Madame Chelize told her to lie on her bed and undress. She then turned around and let her dress fall to the ground. When she turned around again, Mary was shocked to see that Madame Chelize had a huge penis just above her pussy. Madame Chelize was a she-male. She climbed on top of Mary and inserted her huge penis into her. She fucked her so hard and so long that she could have sworn that she came by the bucket load. This queen/king of the London escorts was the only one to satisfy Mary. She had never been fucked like this before. She lay back and fell asleep, knowing that this elite London escort agency was going to be her home forever.