South France Holiday

Posted on: September 14, 2013 at 10:52 pm

The middle of September. I am in the Underground, going home from university. Train crammed full, no seats available. Stuffiness terrible, just can not breathe, if everyone could breathe twice less and also if people had washed themselves in the morning, It would be easy to enjoy the ride, otherwise it feels unbearable.Cursing everything, I was going through my memories about my holiday this summer in South of France where I was together with my girlfriend. This was my best summer holiday. Such a crazy sex I have not had for a long time.

Behind someone opened the window. Travel became easier, a nice cool breeze blowing my head. I couldn’t understand did it happen because I got turned on from my sweet memories, or because of cool wind or from a sudden surging excitement, but my nipples start rising up from my thin lacy bra under tight fitting T-shirt.

I remember the perfect Mediterranean Sea which sparkled in the midday sun and blue sky, her sexy smile,  londg blonde silky hair, beautiful toned sexy body and blue, blue eyes smiling down on me between kisses and love in the afternoon.

She loves kissing me…everywhere… Oh…kisses!!!

I remember how she whispered to me: “Shut your eyes Alex and lay back”

Carol become closer to me and I start feel Carol’s  breathe, soft and sweet at my neck, then strong fingers trailing up and down my face, smoothing and soothing my brow. Kisses gently planted around my eyes , across my cheeks, teasingly circling my mouth, then stronger, firmer ones, along my neck, nibbling at my ear lobe … then she slowly moved down to trace my collarbone, then moved down to flick my already-hard nipples with a warm, wet tongue, licking, sucking and sending me straight to heaven.

I moaned with pleasure and reached up to circle her tanned arms around Carol’s neck, I pushed that dark head between my legs.

“Lick me there, baby” I moaned. “Let me feel your mouth on my pussy.”

But Carol resisted. “Please be patient, my sexy girl, and wait…” I wriggled with anticipation and bit my lip… “Why rush something wonderful, my love?” Why indeed? But what if fast was what was needed? Fast and hard… and now?

Time to take charge. I roll over Carol and swiftly pushed her arms up. She started to laugh and gave me a passionate kiss to silenced the protest. “You taste so good,” I smiled and slid with my palm between Carol legs.

“Now I’m going to taste you there too.” I wriggled down the bed and pushed Carol’s legs apart, burying her face deep inside her cunt. I love feeling Carol’s musky warmth and how she is getting wet and slippery, hearing her moans with delight, begging to be fucked with my fingers or our favourite strap on. I swirled my tongue around  Carol’s welling clit and fastened her mouth upon it, sucking gently while slipping two, then three fingers inside, curving them upwards to find that sweet spot and slowly rubbing tiny circled around it, just the way she liked it. Carol trembled as I practised hands brought her to a orgasm and she wrapped her legs tighter around my head, rocking herself to the way of perfect pleasure. Carol took a beat to compose herself and then decided to return the favour to me.

“You always in a hurry, always so greedy!”, says Carol . She reached across me and opened the drawer in the cabinet beside the bed and took out lacquered casket.

“I’m going to make you come so hard my kinky queen..” she said, as she took out a pair curved toys.

“Now open your legs, spread yourself for me.” I did it as she told me . I lay back on the bed and spread my pussy wide open.

“Open your mouth,” said Carol , and I did so.

“Now lick it and suck it, make it warm and wet and I will put inside you.” Carol swivelled the base of the toy as she took it from my mouth and buzzed into the life.

“Hold that in place,” she said, after she took my hand and pushed the curved toy inside me so it pulsed against my G spot. Next Carol took the other toy, she swivelled it into maximum speed and zipped it around my clit. I moaned as I felt an orgasm swiftly build inside me. I couldn’t hold out against the toys, they were so strong and perfectly tuned to the rhythm of ultimate orgasm. I pushed myself towards it, desperately rubbing myself against the toy.

“Carol , yes, yes, yes, now, Oh Fuck!” My knees locked together and wave of pleasure hit me.

I shrieked against the storm inside, which then triggered another hit of pleasure from my clit. Flushed, I breathlessly flung the toys aside and then lay down on my lover’s cunt. Our juices mingled, tongues entwined as each lost herself in the pleasure of the other.

The phone has just rang. And I suddenly realised that I am in the underground going home. My memories are so fresh and it is making me to feel so excited and wet. I miss Carol , I miss this sexy blonde already. Can`t stay away from her for a long time. I need to see her now and repeat our pleasure again and again.