A guide to a successful orgasm

Posted on: September 14, 2013 at 10:47 pm

What could be better than an orgasm? Only multiple orgasms! It turns out that in order to get it, people do not necessarily have to eat exciting food or half-day walking in the erotic lingerie. Super-orgasm! The good news is that you can plan and organize it easily! Partners in this case have to select a suitable position in bed. For women in order to get multiple orgasms have to follow next guidelines: Most often, it can be exposed to the G spot, which is located on the front vaginal wall. To stimulate it men need to take a position from behind. The result is better in the position where a woman stands on a her knees, and the man is on the floor. Also in this sensitive area it is convenient to work in “an officer position,” when a woman’s legs are on the shoulders of a man-it seems as that they are fishing. For the better impact on the sensitive anterior wall sexologists recommend the following position: A woman has to lay on her back with bent legs at the partner`s waist. You to experience a multiple orgasms, a man must work with his dick on the G-spot and at the same time on the area under the belly, massaging the uterus.

For a continuous orgasm to be done, please take next steps for further consideration. It is achieved by acting on the cervix, as it contains many nerve endings that makes women very sensitive during sex. However, the reason why so many women have never experienced such an orgasm is because a man`s dick could not reach the cervix. For such an orgasm to happen the ideal position is when a woman is on top and a man on his back. The secret is to lean back, resting women`s hands on bent knees men. In this position, the cervix is stimulated the best. You should together alternate active movements with the slow ones, and stop before the orgasm so to allow the vagina to function without pressure. In addition, you can also lie on your back and tighten the stomach bent knees. A man should hold you by the hips and make deep, strong frictions. The very best result is guaranteed, but it is better to get an idea before accidents. For men the long orgasm lies in the following.

It is believed that only a woman can experience a long orgasm, while men`s pleasure lasts as long as ejaculation – that is, a few seconds. However, to be noted that ejaculation and orgasm – are two different things. That is, “throwing the seed” a man can have for a long time to enjoy orgasmic discharge. Orgasm for men can maximum last for up to two minutes, but if a man learns to do prolong sexual intercourse he is sure to succeed with longer pleasure that sex bring. The essence of this is to repeatedly bring yourselves to the brink of orgasm, but at the last moment you need to slow down or stop thrusting. Restraining ejaculation, can continue thrusting – and so several times. Two or three delays in ejaculation to happen in the result prolongs sexual intercourse for a few minutes, which is important for your partner, and the man as a result of experiencing a bright discharge, since sperm with greater strength flows from the testes and stronger pressure on the nerve endings. As for multiple orgasms to happen, it is known that the male`s prostate gland is very sensitive to stimulation. Hence, the influence is best when a man is close to discharge in early sexual intercourse, because if prostate is not affected, a man may feel not very pleasant.

Studies have shown that a male`s multiple orgasm can be felt better in the position of “lying on a side,” because his pelvic muscles are maximally relaxed. When a man is close to an orgasm, a woman should begin to gently massage the prostate (located between the anus and the back of the scrotum) in a circular motion. Stimulation of the prostate after an orgasm reduces the so-called refractory period – a break between sexual acts. Thus, a man almost has no need to relax after a ejaculation and can continue the sexual act further experiencing several orgasms in a row. Sexologists tend to think that if a woman with high sexuality and sensuality for a long time does not receive a discharge due to stagnation of blood in the ovaries and pelvic organs it may cause ovarian dysfunction, vaginitis, even uterine cancer. Another question which is problematic to some extent and vital indeed is why people do not experience an orgasm? The answer is, both partners are in a normal psychological condition, and then you need to try new positions or go to a sexologist. For now, you have been taught how to get an orgasm together by Your Mademoiselle London Escorts Agency. Excited about the orgasm influence on people? Then choose your unique Elite London Escort today for the best possible purposes.