What a Summer in London office

Posted on: November 20, 2013 at 12:36 pm

Summer was finally here. I had been waiting for this day for the last one year looking forward to making that trip to Paris as I had agreed with my dad. His company was sending him to Paris or to audit their branch there and he had agreed to take me along. The past one year of university had been a drag but I only had one semester to go and I was looking forward to getting into the employment world. But first, I was looking forward to some fun and excitement over the summer.

I picked up my things from my room and hugged my roomie Steve who did not seem to be in a hurry to leave campus. I guess he was heading home to their farm in Alabama, which was definitely not a good prospect for the summer holidays. Anyway, I was home in four hours and I got busy parking my summer clothes as we were to leave the very next day. Dad got home that evening and I was at the door to meet him. The look on his face told me something was wrong. I prayed it had nothing to do with our summer in Paris, but I guess that prayer wasn’t answered. He told me that the office had made changes to his work schedule and that instead of auditing the Paris office, he would be auditing the London office. I could not believe my ears. Instead of sunny romantic Paris, we were to spend the summer in cold, drab London. I was devastated. I wished my mother were still alive as I would have remained in the US with her. I proposed to stay behind on my own but that was out of the question. I went to unpack my summer clothes and replace them with winter clothing.

We got to London 24 hours later and settled into our furnished apartment in Mayfair. At least we were to live in style for the 3 long months. Early the next day, dad left for their London office and I set out to explore the neighborhood.

I strolled the streets and went into a London pub for a few pints after lunch. It was relatively empty except for a couple of old timers and the barman. I ordered a pint and as I was sipping it wondering what I would do all summer, the door opened and in strolled this bombshell of a beauty. She was one of the prettiest women I had ever seen. I could tell from the way she carried herself that she was in her early forties, though she could easily be mistaken for 30. She was dressed in a long black dress that had a slit that rode to high heaven. She seemed to be dressed for dinner and I wondered what she was doing in a pub in the late afternoon dressed like that. She walked up to the counter and said hello to the barman as well as the two old timers at the corner. She threw a casual glance at me and asked the barman to give her the usual.

I was mesmerized by her soft looking sensual lips as she sipped on her Bacardi and soda. She threw a couple of glances my way as I was ordering my second Martini. I had switched from the pints so as to gain courage to approach the lady. Just when I thought I was ready, she stood up, paid the bill and walked out.

I was devastated that I had let such a chance slip by. I sat there wondering what to do. I decided to ask the barman about her. He made a statement I did not understand. “ Tiamara Simmons – London escorts. He then went to the back and I stood there trying to decipher what he had said. I left the bar with that statement ringing in my head and when I got home, I had the bright idea to Google that statement. I did and there she was. She was a London escort in one of those high class agencies. This was awesome, I thought to myself.

I called the agency the next day after my dad had left for the office and asked for Tiamara. I made the booking and dashed to a nearby ATM where I made a substantial withdrawal from my savings account. It wasn’t a problem as my mum had left me a good chunk of change before she passed on. I then went back to the apartment and waited for Tiamara Simmons.

She arrived dressed in a beautiful one piece dress that complemented her curvaceous body. I was nervous as hell as I invited her in. She seemed to recognize me from the bar. She was a tall escort, definitely taller than me. She asked me if she could have a drink and I poured her some Bacardi without a second thought.

She then sat down on one of the chairs and spread her legs wide apart. Without saying a word she spread her pussy lips and inserted one of her long fingers into her vagina. I almost dropped the glass I was holding. This was awesome. I was so hard that I felt my dick would burst right through my trousers.

She leaned her head back and begun to moan softly. I watched as she became wetter and wetter and her moans got louder and louder. Before I knew it, she was squirting right there on the carpet. She cried out in ecstasy them looked up at me and motioned me towards her, saying, “your turn, young man.”

I walked towards her speechless and hard as ever. Still sitted down she pulled me towards her and released my manhood from the jail that was my pants. She inserted my penis into her mouth whole and begun sucking hard. Before I knew it I was shooting a load into the tall escort’s mouth. I had not come that much in my life.

She then stood up and begun walking towards the bedroom. She motioned for me to follow her saying, “young man, are you ready for me?” I walked towards the beautiful London escort known as Tiamara thinking to myself, this is definitely better than Paris anytime.