A tale about an Escort Elizabeth

Posted on: September 14, 2013 at 10:54 pm

This was one of the last days of summer. She visited me in the South of France. She is tall, slender brunette with a true test features, long hair and green eyes. She had a very beautiful chocolate colour tan. Her name as Elizabeth, very romantic on the one hand, and very buoyant when it comes to sex. We started our day with a glass of good French wine. She told me how she became a professional escort and how demanding it is these days. I met Elizabeth 3 times already and it was the fourth and the most remarkable. Her words and actions speak loud at the same time, so after we spoke for a while we changed the situation into actions.

We closed the front door and turned and kissed each other. I immediately kissed her neck, then a little bit of her skin, she pulled her head back and I could feel her breeding frequently. I got up and lied down on a king-size bed. She joined me as well. I turned to her and kissed her like I never did. I hugged her and heard a sound of her bones in the back. But I did not pay much attention to it because I wanted sex at that time so much.I was lying on her kissing her neck and licking earlobes. She breathed often and lightly moaned. I sat down on my knees jerked and pulled her topic off to fondle her body. My arms behind her back and I got rid of the main element on her body- bras. My lips greedily contacted her brown nipples and she embraced my neck. I went down below the breast to her stomach, she bended under my lips as a gymnast. I liquidated her belt, then button jeans and unfasten zip on her jeans. I sat down on my knees, pulled over the jeans and sharply took them off.

Elizabeth felt shocked of my crazy behaviour. After that I changed the course and started to I lick and kiss the inside of her thighs. I liked her tender skin very much. Then I moved to fondle her clitoris through her thin panties. She was moaned from the pleasure. She opened her legs and I in turn took the last remaining component- her galvanizing red panties. She lied with her head pulled back, and her arms caressed me. I touched her clitoris with my tongue and she felt first waves of orgasm when I took control over her pussy with my tongue. Penetrating her pussy I moved my tongue in different ways to make her more exited and wet. Finally I started to touch her nipples, then kissing her neck and lips. I laid down on the bed and she took my cock and slowly inserted it in her wet pussy. I started to move slowly with an increasing speed and soon I entered her deeply as possible. This was my speechless experience with Your Mademoiselle Escort from Greater London. This when I loose words to describe how imaginable it is to have sex with London Escorts from top-rated Escort Agency in London.