Three for the Price of One

Posted on: November 20, 2013 at 12:34 pm

We had just had another fight with my girlfriend and I had stormed out of the house. It was 6pm in the evening the London weather was its usual lousy self. I strolled the streets of downtown London thinking about this 3 year relationship that was definitely coming to an end. We could not keep fighting this way and expect to work things out. This time around she thought I was having an affair with a colleague at work. Well, in a matter of speaking she was on the right track, though I had not yet had relations with the lady. But all the thoughts and intentions were there. We had been flirting for a better part of the year now and I was sure I would hit that very soon.

As I walked down Park Lane, a young man was at the corner of the street dishing out fliers. As I passed him he handed one to me and I noticed it was a flier for a London escort agency. Without thinking, I placed it in my pocket planning to dispose of it when I came across a dustbin. My thoughts were on how I could take advantage of this fight with my girlfriend and meet up with my workmate Linda. I decided I wasn’t going back to our apartment that night, but instead chose to sleep at a hotel.  I checked in a fancy 4-star hotel not far from where I was and gave Linda a call. She sounded all weird when I asked her out for a drink, but then I guessed she was just surprised. I asked her to meet me at the hotel bar and she was there in half an hour. She seemed a bit nervous but after a few drinks, we were back to our flirting selves. I told her about the fight with my girlfriend and she was sympathetic. We continued with our drinks and I placed one hand on her thigh. She looked into my eyes and with a sad look on her face she said, “I am sorry for having led you one. I thought we were just friends but I see you have different ideas. Unfortunately, I am a lesbian. I have been one since my divorce to Bobby.” I could not believe my ears. She was a lesbian? My goodness, what bad luck I had. All along I thought she was into me, but she was just being friendly with me. I was devastated, but I controlled myself and ordered another Johnnie Walker. There was an awkward silence which made me break a sweat. I reached into my pocket to pull out my handkerchief and dropped the London escort flier that was in my pocket. Before I could pick it up, Linda had already reached for it and was going over it.

She looked at me after reading it and I was just about to begin explaining the reason I had it when she told me that she had an idea. She told me her idea and I could not believe what she was saying. The long and short of it is that I pulled out my cell phone and placed a call to the London escort agency and asked for asked for duo escorts. I inquired if they had lesbian escorts and they responded in the affirmative. I was still recovering from the shock of her Linda’s suggestion.

We enjoyed a couple of more drinks as we awaited our dates from the elite escort agency. After waiting for about 30 minutes, two very tall ebony escorts walked into the bar. They were very beautiful and had curves a model would be jealous of. We bought them a couple of drinks as we sat at the table chatting about nothing in particular. I was a bit nervous with all these women around me, and I was surprised when Linda suggested that we go to the room. I paid the bill to a jealous looking waiter who seemed to have figured out what was happening. I winked at him and escorted the ladies to the elevator.

As we rode up the elevator I wondered how we were going to go about it once we got to the room, but again, Linda had everything in control. Once inside the room she grabbed one of the escorts and kissed her full in the mouth, even before I had closed the door. I figured we were at the point of no return. I turned to the busty London escort who was ‘free’ and escorted her to the couch in front of us. I unzipped her long dress and begun sucking on her soft supple breasts. I could see Linda doing the same on the bed close to us. I decided to do whatever she did to the other woman. She fondled the woman’s breasts and I did the same to my woman. She then undressed and I was not surprised. Her body was as beautiful as I had always imagined. She then straddled her London escort in a 69 position and they both begun licking each other’s vaginas. I stripped naked and did the same with my escort. This was very exciting. There was a lot of moaning all around the room and it got louder as all the ladies begun to come simultaneously.

I carried my escort to the bed and laid her beside the other two ladies. I then inserted my cock into her very wet vagina but soon enough pulled it out and instead penetrated her from behind. Her anus was very tight and I really enjoyed it as I watched Linda still finger fuck her escort.

As I watched Linda in action, I found that I couldn’t help myself. I got off my escort and went behind Linda. I inserted my penis into her vagina from behind and I was surprised that she did not reject me. Her vagina lips swallowed my whole penis and the tightness of that pussy told me it had not seen any action in the recent past. I shagged her till we both collapsed in a heap all covered in cum juice. As we all lay on the bed, Linda suggested that I pay for my busty London escort and she would pay for hers. I did not argue with that and once they had left, we turned towards each other to continue with our night of passion.