Type of women loved by men

Posted on: September 14, 2013 at 10:47 pm

Dear male generation, we would like to introduce you a statistical result on what caliber type of women is more demanded and desired by men population nowadays. There has been a research conducted and ultimately showed some interesting and on the other hand controversial results. By nature, in actual fact, people are decision-makers, and before making a final result, people choose. In this article we are reflecting and to some extent helping men with their conclusive decisions. What type of woman is more fashionable, attractive, desired, notorious and sexy these days? We will answer this question shortly. The research was convoyed a by a group of social scientists in the UK, and in the result they were ultimately convinced again about the nationally-statistical fact that women with dark hair are taking the a far leading position in terms of popularity and demanding efficiency for men. There are a variety of factors explaining why present-day men are inclined towards dark-haired women or in other words, brunettes. The first two opening factors on the reality are intellect and judicious wise of brunettes. In a mathematical proportion calculated by the social scientist, 51% of men consider brunettes more attractive and interesting. The experiment conducted consisted of an easy task performance.

1500 men volunteers were given photos of the same model on different serial shots where the model had brown, blonde and foxy hair. Afterwards, the men were asked to express their opinion of the model with a particular hair color. For example, a blonde model had to be given her individual possible characteristics by men, where the main priority was the color of hair the model had. Thus, the procedure`s outcome had been changing

depending on the model`s hair. 87% correspondents claimed brunettes to be more intellectual, and besides, 67% found them to be independent and all-sufficient. 62% of men`s results reflected that brunettes are more self-confident and competitive.

On the other hand, 40% of men pointed out that blonde women are having luck of self-confidence and independence from somebody or something. However, 63% of men respondents emphasized that blonde women are significantly friendly and communicable. As for foxy hair women, 40% of men discovered that this type of women is more impulsive than blonde and brunette women. Nevertheless, a significant number of life factors influence behavior of women. In fact, the research conducted cannot be universal and true for all people around the world. The exuberance of circumstance tends to change definite characteristics and personality. All women, in fact are individually different and unique regardless her hair color. It can be considered as an absurd to classify all women in the world to a small result above mentioned. On the other hand, men`s preferences are always under a metamorphosed situation.

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